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I am a service provider and the customers use our (closed source) control panel. But our company does not distribute the control panel software. It is only available as a service.

Can I use GPL licensed software in addition to LGPL in it?

In our case, we just use the GPL software binaries (we don't use it's source code).

But knowing the difference of each case is (probably) interesting and important to the community.

Note: If this question is not appropriate for StackOverflow, I am open to receive suggestions about the best places in StackExchenge to ask it. Please comment.

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Assuming that the question is about server side code, here, the accepted answer looks like the solution to your problem. I'd also suggest reading the GPL text, and taking advise of a lawyer as well.

To make an insight into the link I've given above, Brian Campbell explains as follows:

[Quotes GPL paragraphs]...
This means that you have permission to use and modify the program on your own servers, even with users interacting with it remotely, without any of the additional conditions, such as providing the source code, that are required of you if you "convey" the program itself to another user. So as long as you are using it internally on your own server, you can run modified GPLed code to your heart's content without having to distribute the modified source to anyone else. ...

One side note is, if the code is under the Affero GPL, it's not usable in a non-free service. Again, I suggest to read Brian's answer I've linked above, and actual licence texts.

This kind of questions better suit Programmers.SE, AFAIK.

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Perfect answer and references. The short answer is that only AGPL (Affero GPL) is not allowed in such cases. And yes, Programmers.SE would be better. I looked at the full SE site list, but I did not remember it. –  Paulo Coghi Jan 9 '13 at 14:25

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