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I want to display the product browsing history, so I store the product id in browser cookies.

Because the list of history is limited to 5 items, so I convert the cookie value to an array, then check the length of it and cut the redundant.

The code below is what I have tried, but it's not works, the array item won't be removed.

I would like to ask how to limit the array length so it can only store 5 items?


How can I cut the items after the array index 4?


var id = product_id;
var browseHistory = $.cookie('history');
if (browseHistory != null) {
  var old_cookie = $.cookie('history');
  var new_cookie = '';

  if (old_cookie.indexOf(',') != -1) {
    var arr = old_cookie.split(',');
    if (arr.length >= 5) {
      arr.splice(4, 1)

  new_cookie = id + ',' + old_cookie;
  $.cookie('history', new_cookie, { expires: 7, path: '/' });
} else {
  $.cookie('history', id, { expires: 7, path: '/' });
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your splice looks fine, except you could do arr.splice(4, arr.length - 4) to make sure. are you saying the splice does not work or the cookie? you are setting new_cookie to old_cookie, which still contains 5+ items... –  Rhumborl Jan 9 '13 at 13:46

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You're not using splice correctly:

arr.splice(4, 1)

this will remove 1 item at index 4. see here

I think you want to use slice:


this will return elements in position 0 through 4.

This assumes all the rest of your code (cookies etc) works correctly

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You need to actually use the shortened array after you remove items from it. You are ignoring the shortened array.

You convert the cookie into an array. You reduce the length of the array and then you never use that shortened array. Instead, you just use the old cookie (the unshortened one).

You should convert the shortened array back to a string with .join(",") and then use it for the new cookie instead of using old_cookie which is not shortened.

You may also not be using .splice() correctly, but I don't know exactly what your objective is for shortening the array. You can read about the exact function of .splice() here.

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