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I have problem with displaying my WSDL. I have found a way to dynamic read it from my XSD schema and now i am doing this as:

<sws:dynamic-wsdl id="test"                                                           
  <sws:xsd location="/WEB-INF/test.xsd"/>                                                  

this way i got under address : localhost:localport/applicationname/id.wsdl WSDL which in my case is : localhost:8080/MyApp/test.wsdl.
Thing i want to achive is to display this WSDL after executing another request: localhost:8080/MyApp/test.aspx?WSDL

How can i edit my code to do so? Can anyone redirect me somewhere if it is described ? I thought about creating a wsdl file instead of xsd but do anyone have an example how to show under specyfic address wsdl file?

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From mine experience I recommend You modify your proxy_ajp configuration file add:

ProxyPass /MyApp/test.aspx?WSDL ajp://localhost:8080/MyApp/test.wsdl

then restart your httpd. After this operation all request coming for localhost:8080/MyApp/test.aspx?WSDL will giving the localhost:8080/MyApp/test.wsdl result

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