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I'm calling the authorize method which does the login to Facebook.

However if a user cancel the login by one of the two: press the x or pressing the back button, the onFacebookError callback is called and not the onCancel.

Why is this happening? is this a normal Facebook behavior?

If so, how can i catch if the user canceled the login proccess?

while looking through the Facebook code i can see that in order to call the onCancel callback the exception of Facebook should be a FacebookOperationCanceledException.

im using Facebook android sdk v3.0

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This is a bug, please report it here

The only work around I can think of right now is to look at the error message in your onFacebookError method, and filter on the "User canceled log in." message.

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Found another bug about cancel the login process. after entering the username and password, the next page is to acknowledge the permissions , if the user cancels that page, a onFacebookError exception is called but with no message at all. this is a sad moment for Facebook android sdk. – Jon Jan 10 '13 at 13:09
If you're using 3.0 of the SDK, you should strongly consider using the Session mechanism over the Facebook class (which is now effectively deprecated). You shouldn't see these errors in Session. – Ming Li Jan 10 '13 at 17:27

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