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When I run brew edit ejabberd

require 'formula'

class Ejabberd < Formula
  homepage 'http://www.ejabberd.im'
  url "http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/2.1.11/ejabberd-2.1.11.tgz"
  md5 'a70b040c4e7602f47718c8afe8780d50'

  depends_on "openssl" if MacOS.leopard?
  depends_on "erlang"

  def options
      ['--odbc', "Build with ODBC support."],
      ['--32-bit', "Build 32-bit only."]

  def install
    ENV['TARGET_DIR'] = ENV['DESTDIR'] = "#{lib}/ejabberd/erlang/lib/ejabberd-#{version}"
    ENV['MAN_DIR'] = man
    ENV['SBIN_DIR'] = sbin

    if ARGV.build_32_bit?
      %w{ CFLAGS LDFLAGS }.each do |compiler_flag|
        ENV.remove compiler_flag, "-arch x86_64"
        ENV.append compiler_flag, "-arch i386"

    cd "src" do
      args = ["--prefix=#{prefix}",

      if MacOS.leopard?
        openssl = Formula.factory('openssl')
        args << "--with-openssl=#{openssl.prefix}"

      args << "--enable-odbc" if ARGV.include? '--odbc'

      system "./configure", *args
      system "make"
      system "make install"


  def caveats; <<-EOS.undent
    If you face nodedown problems, concat your machine name to:
    after 'localhost'.

I want to know the options method use for ? Does it will append --odbc and --32-bit with ./configure ?

  def options
      ['--odbc', "Build with ODBC support."],
      ['--32-bit', "Build 32-bit only."]
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No; it signals that --odbc and --32-bit are options you can pass to the brew install command itself.

Further down in the script, where it says if ARGV.build_32_bit? and if ARGV.include? '--odbc', it checks if you've passed one of those options, and amends its build procedure accordingly.

I believe that particular way of signaling the availability of, and checking for, brew install command line options is no longer in use; but I'm not at my Mac to check what the current procedure is.

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