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I am a newbie to both Subversion and PVCS VM I currently migrated my project from PVCS VM to Subversion And I now have this structure I got the project and in my project i got my components inside each components I have trunk, branches and tags.

We are trying to change the structure to have the project and then I got my components and each component would only have branches and tags.

The branches would have to only contain the last version of each major version.

Also how to I only get a certain version? I need to take version 5.1.2 until 5.2.0 Nothing before 5.1.2 and nothing after 5.2.0

Any help would be appreciated Thank you

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Subversion book has good information. You might want to read up on Branch Maintenance and Planning Your Repository Organization

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Use svn move to restructure your repository and then svn copy to create your branches.

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