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In my models have accommodations that belong to a locality. With friendly_id my resourceful routes would look like this:


The problem is that I'd like to have the accommodation detail URL look like:


and also have a locality filter for accommodations:


Naturally I can add the following to routes.rb:

resources :localities do
  resources :accommodations

... which would result in:


But I would like the accommodations to begin with /accommodations and not get nested under localities.

The closest I got is by modifying the above to this:

resources :localities, :path => 'accommodations' do
  resources :accommodations, :path => '', :except => :index

This does what I want, but turns things upside down and sort of messes up both my resources. Additionally I could add resources :localities, :path => 'localities' to routes.rb but then the localities index view would appear for both /localities and /accommodations. And I would like these URLs to act as some sort of portals for the stuff they stand for.

So, should I give up on resourceful routes? Or is there a solution?


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since you only have one route in mind, probably the simplest would be: match 'accommodations/:locality-name/:accommodation-name' => 'accomodations#show' –  prusswan Jan 11 '13 at 7:26
thanks, i guess i'll go down this route (pun intended) :) –  kitsched Jan 12 '13 at 17:00

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