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I use carrierwave_direct to upload a file , but when the uploaded file is empty I got such error:

<Error><Code>EntityTooSmall</Code><Message>Your proposed upload is smaller than the minimum allowed size</Message><MinSizeAllowed>1</MinSizeAllowed><ProposedSize>0</ProposedSize><RequestId>FE2FE66371A06E29</RequestId><HostId>k3aJ8EtnmPvVxJszZukKYbtEO5Ddrjq/a+FdhqTyL1nZ7afy+msTAA1MiwX8lXvH</HostId></Error>

How to catch this exception?? My code:

collection_action :new_import do
    @uploader = @organization.import_file
    @uploader.success_action_redirect = import_admin_organization_rooms_url(@organization)

  collection_action :import do
    redirect_to admin_organization_rooms_path(@organization), :notice => "Your request has been accepted! We will inform you via email about the results!"
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This validation looks good i guess:


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It doesn't work –  user1013369 Jan 9 '13 at 15:23

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