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I have a working educational Java-palette Module for Netbeans that helps first-year students learn the basics of programming without needing to worry so much about syntax.

When a student drags an item from the palette, they get a popup that allows them to fill-in the details of the code to be dropped, such as variable names or values. I have ComboBoxes that list all the variables in the document. For the Java version of the palette, I simply used JavaParser to get a list of the variables, method names, classes, etc.

Now, I'm doing a version of this palette for C++ students. This time around, I'd rather not use JavaParser, javacc, ANTLR, etc as it seems like overkill. NetBeans already has the list I need when you hit Ctrl+space, but I can't find a way to access the list from a form. Geertjan has a great tutorial on using code completion in a JEditorPane which addresses implementing your own code completion provider which brings me back to square one.

And this page suggests that NetBeans is simply grabbing a list of variables from the debugger stack. The debugger API doesn't suggest any straight forward methods for asking for a variable list that I could discern.

Any suggestion on using Netbeans APIs to grab a list of variables from a C++ source file, rather than resorting to a parser?

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duly noted. thanks. –  ialexander Jan 10 '13 at 17:49

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