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I would like to obtain the serial number of a scanner in C# using twain_32.dll.
I've found out it has to be done with dscap method with the icap_serialnumber capability.

Can anyone give me an example how to do this?

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I´m not really sure, but some of the code in this example stackoverflow.com/questions/13357297/… may help you. –  Tobias Nilsson Jan 9 '13 at 15:20
when i try the code, i get a failed as return code for the dsmparent statement. can any-one tell me why? –  Hans V Jan 10 '13 at 14:18

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You have confirmed that your scanner driver supports this capability? I find it in the TWAIN spec as CAP_SERIALNUMBER (0x1024). And it is optional - you cannot assume that a scanner supports it.

If you get TWRC_FAILURE when you try to GET that capability, check the condition code. Your library or component should provide a way to get the condition code after the GET. A value of TWCC_CAPUNSUPPORTED would mean that the scanner driver does not support that capability. Other condition codes are described in the TWAIN specification, although sometimes a little imagination is needed to guess what the driver is trying to say...

The TWAIN Working Group forum is maybe a little better place for this kind of question.

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