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How can we use vim to delete characters from the beginning of the line till the cursor. Say, we have a string "hello world" while the cursor is on "w". How can we delete from "h" till "w".

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Try d0. 0 denotes the beginning of the line.

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If you are in insert mode you can use <C-U>. – Daan Bakker Jan 9 '13 at 18:08

I believe that the following should work (d^):


This assumes that you only want to delete to the h even if there is white space in front of it. It will leave the white space.

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The other suggestions didn't work for me, but I used visual mode to achieve this.

I moved the cursor to the position I wanted to delete through, and hit v to enter visual mode. Then I hit ^ to select back to the beginning of the current line, and then d to delete all of the highlighted text.

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