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In a tag like below:

<a data-url="/new/request/showText/${requestInstance.id}"> view text</a>

Is there a way to not hardcode the url like I have?

I tried using <g:link action="showText" id="${requestInstance.id}"> but that renders to an anchor tag.

What I'm doing might be find but I'm just curious if there is a better way to do this in grails?

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You may use


for full control. It just returns something like http://myapp/myaction/123 and supportsall the params which g:link supports.

To be more specific:

<a data-url="${createLink(action:'showText',id: requestInstance.id)}"> view text</a>

should work.

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For contexts other than controllers and GSPs (i.e. anywhere taglib calls aren't possible) it's worth knowing about the grailsLinkGenerator Spring bean: grailsLinkGenerator.link(...) does the same job as createLink(...) –  Ian Roberts Jan 9 '13 at 16:35

You can use the createLink function inside of ${..}.

So in your case this would be:

<a data-url="${createLink(controller: 'yourController', action: 'yourAction', params:[param1: 'value1'])}"> view text</a>
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