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I wonder if there's some way to insert Byte[] in to my database column using the INSERT statement through my SQL Editor.

For example

INSERT INTO Temp (id,name) VALUES(1,'rg_book');

I just wanna to test my data and I don't want to make a user interface (file uploader ,...etc).

How to write this statement?

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The CLR Byte array type (Byte[]) maps to a VARBINARY type in Informix DB2. See typing information here.

If your name field is expecting character data, use the VARBINARY function to convert the data into a binary representation of the string. See here.

For example:

INSERT INTO Temp (id, name) VALUES (1, VARBINARY('rg_book'));
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If I were you I would do the following (if I've understood your question correctly):

  1. Create test console project
  2. Using Foreach or For (on your Byte[] array) compose required Insert's and (for example) add them to some file on a disk.
  3. Run this script in Management Studio to fill in a table.
FileInfo f = new FileInfo(@"d:\Inserts.txt");
Byte[] list = {0, 1, 2};

using (StreamWriter w = f.CreateText())
    for (int i = 0; i < list.Length; i++)
        w.WriteLine("INSERT INTO [TEMP] ([id], [Name]) VALUES ({0}, 'rg_book')", list[i]);
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