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I am learning SAS. I tried to run a sample program:

libname x "c:\Joe\SAS\class.xls";

data x.sheet2;
set x.'sheet1$'n;
bmi = 703 * weight / height**2;  
libname x clear;

I am getting this error:

ERROR: The EXCEL engine cannot be found. ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

I found a site on the internet that said to do something like:

libname x excel "c:\Joe\SAS\class.xls";

But I get the same error. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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You probably do not have SAS/ACCESS to PC FILES licensed. Run:

proc setinit; run;

When I run that I have one line amongst others:

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files

If you don't have that line, you can't run PROC IMPORT with an EXCEL option.

There are workarounds. For an 'xls' file, 'xls' is a legal engine, that does not require that:

proc import file="c:\Joe\SAS\class.xls" out=class dbms=xls replace; run;

I don't know if LIBNAME works as well here or not - but PROC IMPORT is fairly identical in how it works [only you have to pick which sheet up front, and do one IMPORT for each sheet]. PROC EXPORT is the output equivalent of PROC IMPORT.

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---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 31MAR2013 –  clavio Jan 9 '13 at 16:27
Your workaround worked. –  clavio Jan 9 '13 at 16:30
If you do have them licensed, then I wonder if you have a 64 bit SAS installation using 32 bit excel [or the other way around]. The bitness has to match, and I think you get that error if it doesn't. –  Joe Jan 9 '13 at 16:32

That error message typically means that you do not have the SAS Access to PC Files product installed. Run this program to see what is licensed for your site:

proc setinint;
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