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There are lots of messages on the Google for the Celery MySQL server has gone away problem. But still donot fix my current problem. Here is my config info

Configuration -> . broker -> sqlalchemy+mysql://root:test@localhost/service . loader -> djcelery.loaders.DjangoLoader . scheduler -> djcelery.schedulers.DatabaseScheduler . logfile -> [stderr]@INFO . maxinterval -> now (0s)

Error Messages:

[2013-01-09 10:30:00,008: INFO/MainProcess] Writing entries... [2013-01-09 10:30:00,025: ERROR/MainProcess] Message Error: Couldn't apply scheduled task common.oauth.tasks.loop_process: (OperationalError) (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away') 'SELECT kombu_queue.id AS kombu_queue_id, kombu_queue.name AS kombu_queue_name \nFROM kombu_queue \nWHERE kombu_queue.name = %s \n LIMIT %s' ('celery', 1)

i have already added:

BROKER_TRANSPORT_OPTIONS = {'pool_recycle':7200}

Celery database settings CELERY_RESULT_BACKEND = "database" CELERY_RESULT_DBURI = "mysql://root:test@localhost/service"

can Someone help me fix this?

Thanks a lot.

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Using a database as broker is discouraged for production, and the solution is not very mature. In this case it should probably retry the operation if the connection is lost, but I'm sorry to say fixing problems with the database transports is not a priority right now so you would have to contribute or lobby for this change! –  asksol Jan 10 '13 at 13:34

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I changed the Broker to be RabbitMQ, it works well now and is stable.

RabbitMQ is best choice for a Production Environment.

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This is not an answer to this question. –  Hardex Oct 31 '14 at 13:17
tried installing RabbitMQ and do the same, Still the issue is percent –  Abhilash Joseph Feb 16 at 9:00

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