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I have two separate git repositories - git1 and git2. Due to my advisor's recommendation, I need to copy them to the university's svn repository such that all git repo contributors can simultaneously update the university SVN repo along with the git repos.

git-svn looks like a good solution. I followed instructions in the top answer in Pushing an existing git repository to SVN and was able to link one git repository. Is it possible to link both git repos as two folders in the same svn repo?

The folder structure might look like:

  • SVN-repo
    • project1 #links git1 using git-svn
      • trunk
      • branches
      • tags
    • project2 #links git2 using git-svn
      • trunk
      • branches
      • tags

Can someone point how this can be achieved? Indicating some actual instructions might be helpful.

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Incase someone faces the same problem, I am indicating my solution here.

I was able to achieve this by creating two projects in the SVN repo with standard structure(trunk, branches and tags) and then using git-svn to link each git repo to a SVN project. The exact set of instructions can be seen from my blog post: http://lookupnotes.blogspot.com/2013/01/git-to-svn.html

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