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How should I measure number of seconds passed in a infinite loop? I'm using Vpython, and in my loop i change a position of some elements etc. The thing is that i have to change color of lights(sphere) every X seconds and it all happens in infinite loop.

while True:
    #some stuff
    'here i have to count those seconds'
    #some other stuff
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You could determine the elapsed time by calling time.time(), and taking the difference.

i have to change color of lights(sphere) every X seconds

Say you last changed the colour at time T. Keep calling time.time() inside the loop, and change the colour again when time.time() - T exceeds X.

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Ok, but with what function i should initiate the first time? –  Emil Smęt Jan 9 '13 at 17:13
It works now, I'll try though mgilson way as well and see which one is better. –  Emil Smęt Jan 9 '13 at 17:18

You should probably use timeit.default_timer() to figure out what time it is and compute the difference.


from timeit import default_timer
clock_start = default_timer()
#... do something here
clock_end = default_timer()
print "This took %s seconds" %( clock_end - clock_start )
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+1 for default_timer –  tom10 Jan 9 '13 at 17:11

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