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I want to develop a system where i can receive voip call and terminated this call using data modem which attached in my system. suppose, A call from UK to B in BD using VOIP and my VOIP server receive this call and send this call to B using Data modem. Is it possible? i want to use .net for develop this application.

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For that you need have full specification of firmware inside modem, that is not public availible info.

You can refer asterisk 1.0 chan_modem.c code, but note it require very special modem. No way get just any modem.

Considering cost of low end FXO devices, it is no real sence do something with modems, becuase you will spend thousands in development.

Other project you can interesting in is chan_dongle which use huiway gsm modems(usb).

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, i'm interested using huiway gsm modems(usb). Can you tell me more details. – tareq islam Jan 14 '13 at 10:23

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