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Does anyone know how to make a p: dialog work with maximizable and also scroll?

If the window is maximized with the scroll it gets bugged and scrollbar disappears.

I am using p:dialog from primefaces.

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having the same problem, I tried to develope a workaround. This now fixes missing vertical scroll bar for me:

Define following function as a workaround for PF issue #4879:

function fixPFDialogToggleMaximize(dlg){
if(undefined == dlg.doToggleMaximize) {
    dlg.doToggleMaximize = dlg.toggleMaximize;
    dlg.toggleMaximize = function() {

        var marginsDiff = this.content.outerHeight() - this.content.height();
        var newHeight = this.jq.innerHeight() - this.titlebar.outerHeight() - marginsDiff;

Declare the dialog you want to fix like this:

<p:dialog widgetVar="myDialog" maximizable="true" ...>
<script type="text/javascript">
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