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I am trying to call a prolog file on windows prompt. The problem is that I always get a "yes message" and the window doesn't even close. What am I doing wrong?

My "exemplo.pl" file:

run:- tell('output.txt'), write('Eu sou um exemplo!'),nl, told, halt.


My console command:

PRO386W.EXE /V1 consult('exemplo.pl')

I used all kind of directories, but none of them work. Any sugestion?

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'halt' halts Prolog.

Are you trying to get prolog to exit?

Assuming you are, then the problem is the way you've run it.

I used the same program with SWI-Prolog on win 7


run_me :- writeln('howdy annie'),halt.

:- run_me.

in somedir, I cd'ed into somedir and ran

swipl -s ihalt.pl

and it did just what was expected -
printed the message and exited

I don't know what prolog you're using. if you're brand new to Prolog, www.swi-prolog.org is friendlier for learning.

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Try adding a . to the end:

PRO386W.EXE /V1 consult('exemplo.pl').
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