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I want to open Notepad from Silverlight and then paste some text into it. I was able to use the clipboard method to move the text I want to the clipboard. Then I use shell to open notepad. The final step is to paste the contents of the clipboard into notepad. This can be done by the user pressing Ctrl-V or Edit – Paste

However, this is an unsatisfactory solution. I’d like to automate the last step, pasting the clipboard into notepad.

Here is my code:


                ' next open notepad

  System.Windows.Clipboard.GetText() ‘ this does not work

    Private Sub OpenShell(p_Program As String)
            If (AutomationFactory.IsAvailable) Then
                Dim shell = AutomationFactory.CreateObject("Shell.Application")

                shell.ShellExecute(p_Program) 'Open notepad

            End If

        Catch ex As Exception

        End Try
    End Sub
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