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Pretty straightforward question. Given the string

s = "<blah x='true'><img src='a.jpg' /><a><b></b></a></blah>"

both of the following python commands produce the same output:

>>> E.tostring(E.fromstring(s))
'<blah x="true"><img src="a.jpg" /><a><b /></a></blah>'
>>> E.tostring(E.XML(s))
'<blah x="true"><img src="a.jpg" /><a><b /></a></blah>'

So why have two commands at all? I notice that in the Python 2.7 docs for ElementTree, the reference for fromstring() contains the phrase, " Same as XML()." So if it's the same, why include it?

The only difference I notice is that recent versions of Python have added the optional parser argument to XML() but not to fromstring(). Why? Is there actually a subtle difference in how the commands work or some reason why there are two commands that are apparently the same? Is it just for convenience's sake?

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fromstring is exactly same as XML. In fact, it is defined like this:

# Parses an XML document from a string constant.  Same as {@link #XML}.
# @def fromstring(text)
# @param source A string containing XML data.
# @return An Element instance.
# @defreturn Element

fromstring = XML

You can check the source here. I think it is there as a complement to the tostring function.

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Huh. I suppose the idea of a complimentary function makes sense. Any idea why the function signatures are different, with fromstring missing the optional parser arg? It looks like it should support it, if it's literally defined as an alias for XML. – KenB Jan 9 '13 at 17:35
@KenB it wouldn't be a complementary function if it took extra parameters. For when you need to pass the extra parameters, you can call the XML function directly. – Abhinav Sarkar Jan 9 '13 at 17:36
@KenB Since fromstring is defined as a direct alias for XML, you can pass the extra parameter to it too. It is just not mentioned in the doc, probably to discourage using it that way. – Abhinav Sarkar Jan 9 '13 at 17:42

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