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I have created a Sinatra application, which I want to run on Amazon EC2. I know there is heroku, but having Amazon EC2 as another option would be nice. One other reason is that there is this timeout issue on heroku (source):

The Heroku routing mesh detects and terminates requests taking more than 30 seconds to respond.

Up to now I created a micro instance with Ubuntu, and installed required libraries, and got my Sinatra application running by ruby -rubygems app.rb command. What I need to do is get my app running all the time, as long as server is running, not just the time between I run the command above and quit the command line. Do you know any simple and lightweight solution to do this?

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Deployment is a very interesting and complicated topic. Read this… and google "sinatra deployment" and check out some tutorials. There are a few things in this question that leads me to believe you need do some more reading first :). – sunnyrjuneja Jan 9 '13 at 18:58

Install Passenger which is quite easy to setup:

gem install passenger

More details and docs see

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