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I'm trying to connect to Pervasive via ODBC from an Ubuntu 64bit server.

I did the following things:

  1. Installed unixodbc with apt-get command.
  2. Downloaded the Pervasive SQL 64bit Client 11.20 from the Pervasive site (don't know if this is the correct one I have to install)
  3. Extracted the archive and moved to /usr/local/psql

Now, in /usr/local/psql/bin I can only see:

  • clilcadm64
  • isql64
  • psregedit64
  • psregsvr64

No trace of dsnadd to set the connection driver and the DSN... What I did wrong?

(I'm a Linux novice so any kind of suggestion would be really appreciated)

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You need the 64 bit driver if you are using a 64 bit application. If you have a 32 bit application, you need the 32 bit driver.

The dsnadd utility seems to be 32 bit. You would need to install the 32 bit client to get that tool.

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