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Attempting to set up deploy notifications to Airbrake on Heroku deploy with rake airbrake:heroku:add_deploy_notification when you have multiple Heroku apps (i.e. git remotes) will yield:

 !    Multiple apps in folder and no app specified.
 !    Specify app with --app APP.

It appears Airbrake are aware of this but no real solution is offered.

Is there a work around?

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Prior to running rake airbrake:heroku:add_deploy_notification you can set a default Heroku remote by setting a git config heroku.remote to the desired branch.

So for example, to set up apps whose Heroku remotes are staging and production, you can:

$ git config heroku.remote staging
$ rake airbrake:heroku:add_deploy_notification

$ git config heroku.remote production
$ rake airbrake:heroku:add_deploy_notification

$ git config --unset heroku.remote
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A fix has now been pushed for this.

You can set the environment variable HEROKU_APP to the name of the app.

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