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I have an issue here with Wordpress themes, I get an error no matter what theme I try to install.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in C:\wamp\www\wp-content\themes\Monaco\slide.php on line 4
Call Stack
#   Time    Memory  Function    Location
1   0.0007  669088  {main}( )   ..\index.php:0
2   0.0011  673872  require( 'C:\wamp\www\wp-blog-header.php' ) ..\index.php:17
3   0.4489  27395224    require_once( 'C:\wamp\www\wp-includes\template-loader.php' )   ..\wp-blog-header.php:16
4   0.4516  27410496    include( 'C:\wamp\www\wp-content\themes\Monaco\index.php' ) ..\template-loader.php:47
5   0.4787  27444544    get_template_part( )    ..\index.php:17
6   0.4787  27445320    locate_template( )  ..\general-template.php:128
7   0.4791  27445432    load_template( )    ..\template.php:381
8   0.4796  27472472    require( 'C:\wamp\www\wp-content\themes\Monaco\slide.php' ) ..\template.php:407

I´m getting pretty depressed about the issue and can´t figure out what might be causing this. I reinstalled Wordpress for twice and tried with different templates, still no good. It seems to word fine with themes included by Wordpress but won´t work out with any other.

Can anyone please help me out. Thank you in advance.

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The issue is definitely related to the themes you're trying to install. They refer to a function (of_get_option()) that doesn't exist in the standard WordPress installation.

Fortunately there's a forum post with a similar issue here: WP Support Forums.

The function belongs to a plugin. Hope this helps.

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Worth pointing out that the first thing to do when debugging WP is disable all plugins and then re-enable one by one until either you've identified the cause or all the plugins are enabled. – Adam Hopkinson Jan 9 '13 at 17:47
Well, thanks, that lead me to what you just told, all the themes I downloaded use the same plugin Options Framework. I actually don´t need this so I just try to remove all the settings connected to this plugin. – Meigo62 Jan 9 '13 at 17:56
Thaks martinCzerwi, the problem was that the plugin was not installed :) – Meigo62 Jan 9 '13 at 17:59

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