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<display:table export="true"  id="data" name="${sessionScope.forbesList}"requestURI="">

                <a href="#" rel="tooltip" content="<span>

                        Name:<s:property value="#data.rank" /><br/>
                        Email: <a><s:property value="#data.name" /></a><br/>
                        Phone:<s:property value="#data.age" /> </span>">   <display:column property="rank" title="Rank" sortable="true"   /></a>
        <display:column property="name" title="Name" sortable="true"  />
        <display:column property="age" title="Age" sortable="true"  />


In Struts 2 I'm trying to use <s:property> tag inside <display :column> tag but I can only see the <display:column> values and not the values that I access with <s:property>. How to do it?

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I'm sorry I have read your message a few times and I can't understand what your issue is. Is your issue setting the content attribute in the <a> tag? –  mcassano Jan 9 '13 at 17:43
Actually I want to show the name,rank and age as a tooltip.So I tried to display it using <s:property> but its not showing –  Ayan Biswas Jan 9 '13 at 17:53

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#1: Anchor (<A>) Tag does not have any content attribute.

Please refer to the documentation to see which attributes it supports and how to use them.

#2: in HTML, when putting the character " into an attribute of a Tag, you can:

  • substitute " with ', like in
    • myAttribute="this is 'right'" or
    • myAttribute='this is "right" too', or
  • encode the " with the html entity &quot;, like in
    • myAttribute="this is &quot;right&quot;"

You must encode the < and > too, with &lt; (Less Than) or &gt; (Greater Than).

#3: that said, you could put your HTML inside the Anchor Tag, in the place where it is supposed to be inserted, like :

<a href="#" rel="tooltip"> 
      Name:<s:property value="#data.rank" />

but, in your case, you are injecting a lot of HTML, including another Anchor, that is not possible. I think you should simply use a div or something similar as a container, like:

<div rel="tooltip" >
      Name:<s:property value="#data.rank" /><br/>
      Email: <a><s:property value="#data.name" /></a><br/>
      Phone:<s:property value="#data.age" /> 

Resolve this before worrying about DisplayTag


#4 Change

<s:property value="#data.rank" />

(and all the other tags) to

<s:property value="#attr.data.rank" />

#attr is the OGNL used to access the pageContext,

if it is available, otherwise it searches request, session and application scopes.

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actually the problem is that <s:property> is not retrieving the value.I am trying to use #data.propertyName where data is the id in the dispaly table.What is the way to do it? –  Ayan Biswas Jan 10 '13 at 5:46
Actually the problems are all the listed above, plus the wrong syntax in <s:property /> and the fact that a tooltip should not lie inside a table. I'll edit with the correct <s:property/> syntax, but i strongly suggest you to understand the previous problems before. –  Andrea Ligios Jan 10 '13 at 8:37
Actually #attr searches PageContext if it is available, otherwise it searches request, session and application scopes. –  Aleksandr M Jan 10 '13 at 20:23
Improved the answer with your comment, thanks ;) –  Andrea Ligios Jan 10 '13 at 21:32

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