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I have the following

public abstract class A {
    @Id @GeneratedValue
    public Long id;

public class B extends A {

public class C extends A {

public class D {
    public A a;

The problem is class D and the field a (could be either of type B or C). What should be the mapping?

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what is the issue ? are you getting any error ? – vels4j Jan 9 '13 at 18:38
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If you reference an A from another entity, then A should not be a MappedSuperclass, but an entity. You should annotate it with @Entity, and choose an inheritance strategy.

Other than that, the mapping will stay as is.

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This is not valid in JPA, as relationships cannot be defined to @MappedSuperclass.

You could map A and @Entity (TABLE_PER_CLASS inheritance would give you the same data model, but also consider JOINED or SINGLE_TABLE, as they are normally more efficient).

In EclipseLink you can also use a @VariableOneToOne for this type of relationship.


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What you are doing is correct. It will be the mapping A. So, in Table D ; we will have an additional column which will tell us if A is B or C. In Toplink we have the column name as Type. Even in hibernate we have similar concept. And this column is automatically populated by the ORM.

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