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I want to crawl some web pages, like the following

but there is a 'load more' button, it is related to an ajax request

I want to crawl the whole page. Manually, I have click on the button repeatedly until there is no more to load, by automation, how can I crawl the whole page? thanks!

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Yes, you can use Selenium IDE, or use other program/library with browser core to do click action. Like webkit, activex of IE.

And you can try FMiner, it can record and play human actions on browser to scrape data, but it's not free.

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I recently faced same problem with other website I wanted to scrap. I use Java and after some research on the web I used Selenium IDE for firefox in which u can write Java Junit test cases which will automatically open the webpage and click buttons, fill up forms, etc. It also supports C#,Python,Ruby,etc

I used it to click on Load More button and when the page was loaded completely after all clicks I saved it Manually.

You can download Selenium from their website and I found this youtube video useful too

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