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I want to have a website (on the internet) build in PHP and a application (in C#) installed on my personal computer. And for example when I click on a button (from website), the application pop-up a message.

A solution that when I click on that button a commands (text) is saved in database and my application check that database (on the internet) every 2 seconds, if there is a new command.

But I think this solution is worst in performance, in most cases the application will run 12h/day, and maybe 5 clicks will be on that button.

Another solution would be after I click on the button (from website), go on my application and click some button to find if there is new commands; but I don`t like this solution.

I want a solution that after I open the application I don`t have anything to do. Thanks in advance.

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There are only two options if you don't have a channel from server to client:

  1. Using polling (this is what you described)
  2. Using some kind of the Comet web application model

Since the server has no connection to the client, it can't send a signal notifing the client new data is ready to go. This is a well known problem in terms of web applications that feature live updates (such as an chat application). The Comet web application model is one of the models that big sites like facebook or twitter are using to adress this problem.

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