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Does anyone know where or how to set the default path/directory on saving python scripts prior to running?

On a Mac it wants to save them in the top level ~/Documents directory. I would like to specify a real location. Any ideas?

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On OS X, if you launch (by double-clicking or using open(1), for example), the default directory is hardwired to ~/Documents. If you want to change the default permanently, you'll need to edit the file within the application bundle; depending on which Python(s) you have installed, it will likely be in one of:

/Applications/MacPython 2.x/
/Applications/MacPython 2.x/
/Applications/MacPorts/Python 2.x/
/Applications/Python 2.x/
/Applications/Python 3.x/

Edit the line:


On the other hand, if you start IDLE from the command line, for example, with:

$ cd /some/directory    
$ /usr/local/bin/idle

IDLE will use that current directory as the default.

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It seems like you can get idle into the directory you want if you run any module from that directory.

I had previously tried opening through the path browser. I was able to open and edit the file, but it seemed like I wasn't able to save my modifications.

I'm just glad to hear other people are having this problem. I just thought I was being stupid.

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I actually just discovered the easiest answer, if you use the shortcut link labeled "IDLE (Python GUI)". This is in Windows Vista, so I don't know if it'll work in other OS's.

1) Right-click "Properties".

2) Select "Shortcut" tab.

3) In "Start In", write file path (e.g. "C:\Users...").

Let me know if this works!

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If you open a module, that sets the default working directory.

Start IDLE.

File -> Open to open your file. And set the current working directory.

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On Windows (Vista at least, which is what I'm looking at here), shortcut icons on the desktop have a "Start in" field where you can set the directory used as the current working directory when the program starts. Changing that works for me. Anything like that on the Mac? (Starting in the desired directory from the command line works, too.)

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If you locate the idlelib directory in your Python install, it will have a few files with the .def extension. config-main.def has instructions on where to put the custom config files. However, looking through these I did not find any configurable paths (your install may vary). Looks like you might need to crack open the editor code to alter it.

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Yeah this was what I ran up against too. I looked through the *.defs expecting to see an obvious save dir variable but nope.. – rh0dium Sep 15 '09 at 3:01

In my case, the default directory is set to the directory from which I launched IDLE. For instance, if I launched IDLE from a directory called 'tmp' in my home directory, the default save path is set to ~/tmp. So start your IDLE like this:

~/tmp $ idle
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This is true - but there isn't a way to do it from an Application Executable. – rh0dium Sep 15 '09 at 3:00

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