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i have

  • products
  • days

two collections for now

the data what i try to update sort of like

    _id: "85a2c512-e670-4bac-a024-c46768e91839"
    day: "2013-01-10"
    id: "E666A9erpx"
    month: "2013-01"
    products: [
            amount: 0
            id: "LRRRBKRgBj"
            price: 2
            amount: 0
            id: "qeeeXGe5G7"
            price: 8.9
    year: "2013"

i want to $inc these value

  { id: E666A9erpx, 'products.id': [ LRRRBKRgBj, qeeeXGe5G7  ]  } ,
  { $inc: { 'products.$.amount': [ 200, 104 ] } }

how do i $inc ?

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Heh this is actually a gotcha in MongoDB, it does only operate on the first found positional operator. I think (I might be wrong) but the best way atm is to do this client side –  Sammaye Jan 9 '13 at 19:10
If you want to operate on multiple products in this situation, it's definitely better to construct a schema where different products are separate documents. Having them all embedded in an array limits your ability to manipulate multiple elements unless you know their index position. –  Asya Kamsky Jan 10 '13 at 3:15
i want to record every products of daily sales. yes i have products in separate collection and i have a day collection to log every day's summary. –  crapthings Jan 10 '13 at 8:35

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