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I am attempting to create a macro in jEdit. I am attempting to remove all the white space from the start of every line in a buffer. Here's the jEdit macro (i.e. Java) code I have attempting to do that:

//Set up SearchAndReplace defaults
SearchAndReplace.setSearchFileSet(new CurrentBufferSet());

public int replace(String from, String to) {
  //must be reg-ex escaped prior to call
  return SearchAndReplace.replaceAll(view);

boolean done = false;
while (!done) {
  int count = replaced("\\n ", "\\n");
  found = (count > 0);

The documentation that comes with jEdit 5.0 indicates that the call SearchAndReplace.replaceAll(view) returns the number of buffers within which replacements occurred. But when I execute it, I get an error indicating that it does not return an int, but a boolean.

While it would be nice if it did return an int, I would like to be able to know the specific count of replacements that occurred within a specific buffer (the only one against which I am executing the macro).

So, I must be approaching this wrong. Any suggestions on how I can implement my intended effect, remove all whitespace from the start of every line? BTW, the macro currently ignores the first line intentionally. I know it is a defect and will correct that later.

Thank you for any direction you can give me.

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If you want to strip whitespace from the beginning of every line, simply

  • Open search and replace with ctrl+f
  • Enter in ^[ \t]+ into the Search for box:
  • check regular expressions
  • click replace all
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Okay. That works. –  chaotic3quilibrium Jan 13 '13 at 0:22

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