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How would I convert:

trait Foo[A <: Foo[A]]

to a type member?

I.e., I want something along the lines of the following:

trait Foo {
  type A <: Foo {type A = ???}

but I am having difficulty because the name A is already taken within the type refinement. This question is similar (and spawned from): F-bounded quantification through type member instead of type parameter?

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Use a self-type:

scala> trait Foo { self => type A <: Foo {type A = self.A}}
defined trait Foo

scala> class Bar extends Foo { type A = Bar }
defined class Bar

scala> class Bar extends Foo { type A = Int }
<console>:10: error: overriding type A in trait Foo with bounds <: Foo{type A = Bar.this.A};
 type A has incompatible type
       class Bar extends Foo { type A = Int }
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This was my original intuition, great answer! –  Alex DiCarlo Jan 9 '13 at 20:27

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