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I am trying to use some data from my database, but function only use data from first entry. What should I add to go through all the entries from database?

public void drawdayplan(){

DatabaseConnector dbConnector = new DatabaseConnector(Clock.this);

       Intent a = getIntent();
        String d_m_y = a.getStringExtra("d_m_y");
       Cursor result =  dbConnector.gethour(d_m_y); 


               int hourfromIndex = result.getColumnIndex("inthourfrom");
               int hourtoIndex = result.getColumnIndex("inthourto");
               int colourIndex = result.getColumnIndex("colour");
              hourfrom = result.getInt(hourfromIndex);
              hourto = result.getInt(hourtoIndex);
              colour = result.getString(colourIndex);

            // here are some steps with painting which are using this variables 





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But function only use data from first entry.

You never ask for more than the first row. Call moveToNext() in a loop like this:

    // Read each row
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thank You! It worked. –  ania Jan 9 '13 at 19:09
Glad I could help! Please click the check mark to accept this answer. –  Sam Jan 9 '13 at 19:33

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