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I'm using the AxesGrid class to make a plot that looks like this one : AxesGrid with imshow and contour

The code basically looks like this :

      grid = AxesGrid(fig,
                nrows_ncols = (2,2),
                axes_pad = 0.50,
                label_mode = "all",
                cbar_pad =0.3,

and then for each of the 4 panels I call imshow and contour like this :

       # some definitions etc.

        im1 = grid[0].imshow(np.transpose(De[i1:i2,j1:j2]),
           vmin=vmin, vmax = vmax,

    # some other stuff [...]


    # and so on for the 3 other panels

The only difference is that now, I'd like the images to have different value for the extent keyword. Say I want the upper right image to have an extent of (31.5,35.5,11,14) and the lower right panel to have an extent of (29.5, 33.5, 11, 14), I get this :

new plot

It seems that matplotlib adjusts the axes. Is there a way to specify the extent I'd like and not have the empty white space between my data and the axe ?

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Add the parameter:


To your Grid generation. Then you can set the xlim of each plot individually.

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