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I recently updated R, and code I had written using the limma package before now returns an error.

The code was

classes = c(rep('Phenotype1',), rep('Phenotype 2',))
classes= as.factor(classes)
fit1= lmFit(exset, design)
cm=makeContrasts(Phenotype 1 - Phenotype 2, levels=design)
fit3= eBayes(fit2)

With the new version of R, the following command


returns this error message...

Error in .Call("La_chol", as.matrix(x), PACKAGE = "base") : 
Incorrect number of arguments (1), expecting 2 for 'La_chol'

I would appreciate advice on solutions.

Cheers, Ankur.

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limma is a package from the BioConductor project, and each version of R has an associated version of BioConductor. If you updated R without updating your BioConductor packages (including limma), there might be some incompatibilities. Are you sure you're using the latest version of limma and BioConductor?

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