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I'm trying to get a Google Marketplace App to get permissions to run the Provisioning API. When installing on a test domain, the installation process skips the grant access section and doesn't seem to give the permissions needed. The documentation seems to indicate that adding a scope tag with the right url is enough to let new installs grant access for the domain. The app hasn't been listed.

Here's the app manifest:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ApplicationManifest xmlns="">
  <Description>My Cool App</Description>

    <Link rel="support" href="" />

  <Extension id="navLink" type="link">
    <Scope ref="userprovisioning" />

  <!-- Declare our OpenID realm so our app is white listed -->
  <Extension id="realm" type="openIdRealm">

  <Edition id="free">
    <Name>Free edition</Name>

  <Scope id="userprovisioning">
    <Reason>This application lets you see people in your domain.</Reason>
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If you're explicitly defining an edition, you need to also include references to the extensions much like extensions reference scopes. In your case, update the manifest to:

<Edition id="free>
  <Name>Free edition</Name>
  <Extension ref="navLink"/>
  <Extension ref="realm"/>
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