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I am using EPD on OS X and have ipython installed. In my 'general' environment everything is functioning as expected. I installed virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper to generate a dev environment. I only want to install a small subset of 'new' modules (different versions), so I used:

mkvirtualenv development --python=epd --system-site-packages

Now what I would like to do is install ipython local to the virtual env. I believe that this is the preferred installation method as other techniques include adding code to ipython startup.

which pip & which python report that the virtual env files are being called. I can not install ipyhton though, because it already exists in my epd install.

Is it possible to create a virtualenv that uses the 'general' site-packages and then locally install ipython?

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Sure, just tell pip to ignore the installed IPython:

pip install --ignore-installed ipython
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