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I wanted to check out a new open source tool for automated testing of a website. I prefer multi-browser support, even multi-platform.

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Selenium is a very good open source automated testing tool for websites. It can drive different web browers on different platforms, and tests can be written in a number of different languages. It also has a component called Selenium IDE, which is a Firefox extension that lets you create tests by actually driving the web browser, which is good for user acceptance tests.

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Watir is probably what you're looking for.

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I've been googling for a comparison between various such tools and found the following links. They may be useful to you as well. (recommend this one since it compares based on some tangible parameters)

My own views: I've used Canoo and thought it was excellent but its usage will require some familiarity with XML. Also, it doesn't support recording as Selenium does.

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The question is a little subjective, especially given that there are quite a few open source web testing tools available. Your decision could be influenced by factors such as your current development environment and language proficiencies. So in addition to those already mentioned WatiN is worthy of consideration if you are a .NET shop.

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Another, very easy to use, alternative is iMAcros

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If you are on the Java stack, JWebUnit is a very good choice IMO. It is written in Java, which makes it easy to reuse parts (login, logout, check for application error messages). You can also run multiple testers, which allows for tests of concurrent changes.

I'm currently using it with the HtmlUnit engine as part of my builds on the continuous integration server. It can also drive Selenium for in-browser testing, but I haven't tried that.

Prior to that I have used Canoo Webtest, but we found that it didn't scale too well. Writing reusable parts in XML was just too painful. The Groovy flavour might be better, but that wasn't around back then.

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I agree with Ycros. I tried Selenium before on Firefox and it gives great results. Its also very user friendly and easy to work with. I think is is little difficult to set up with IE though

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my answer is robotframework

It's generic keyword driven framework, support selenium web driver too. As a developer you can create new keywords in java or python. I am using it to test web, database, web services.

The home page for robotframework is

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