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I formatted my computer and I installed VS2012 release candidate first, then VS2010 Ultimate, and lastly VS2012 Professional from DreamSpark. Also, after installing VS2012, I uninstalled VS2010 and VS2012 RC

I can open solutions and compile them perfectly, but when I tried to use #includes from the C/C++ standard library an error pop ups saying cannot find source file stdlib.h

I went to the VS2012 installation directory and in the include folder of VC, I only have 2 .h files (vsgcapture and srv), and nothing else.

I checked out and there was a directory called Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 which is from VS2010, and the .h and .lib files of C/C++ were there, so I copied/pasted everything to VS2012 and tried to compile, but some strange errors came up.

So I uninstalled everything VS-related from the control panel, I deleted all the directories from Program Files and I installed VS2012 Professional again and the VC directories are empty again. I tried Repairing it from the setup but still the same problem.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

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May be you have to set environment variables –  Hassan TM Jan 9 '13 at 20:18
You don't have to set any environment variables to use the C standard library, and they are all set according to my project properties –  Pacha Jan 9 '13 at 20:34

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I solved this by installing VS2012 on another computer, copying everything inside the VC directory where all the .libs and .hs are, and pasting them on my installation.

Now it works perfectly well.

I asked in another site and I found out that this might happen because errors in the Visual Studio installation process. If you don't have another computer to do this, you can install it on a virtual machine instead and copying them from there.

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For others with the same issue and looking for a solution other than copying files over from another machine, try the solution posted by Jeff_322089BE-DFC2-11DF-B454-B541DFD72085 here.

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