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How do I display the contents of a text file in Linux 32-bit x86 assembly (NASM syntax)?

Thanks in advance,

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I rewrote the question and deleted my answer, as I misread the question, and I wasn't the only one. The question should be clearer now, please re-edit if it's not. I added 'x86' and 'linux' tags too as it seems that that's what you were looking for according to your positive comments on @Michael's answer. –  Antti Nuortimo Jan 10 '13 at 19:52
Thanks nrz :p .. –  Red_Hat Jan 12 '13 at 15:33

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I haven't tested this (and it's not necessarily NASM syntax), but something along these lines ought to work on an x86 Linux machine:

; Open file 
mov ecx,0 ; FILEMODE_R
mov ebx,filePath
mov edx,01FFh
mov eax,5  ;__NR_open
int 80h  ; syscall
mov fileHandle,eax


; Read file data
mov ebx,fileHandle
mov ecx,buffer
mov edx,numBytesToRead
mov eax,3  ; __NR_read
int 80h

; Write to STDOUT
mov edx,numCharsToWrite
mov ecx,buffer
mov ebx,1  ; STDOUT
mov eax,4 ; __NR_write
int 80h

; Repeat as many times as necessary

; Close file
mov ebx,fileHandle
mov eax,6 ; __NR_close
int 80h
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I deleted my answer as I misread the question. Before I did, Frank Kotler left the following comment on it (mistaking it for yours I guess): "Good answer, Michael! Only thing I would suggest is make sure the sys_open succeeds (eax > 0) before proceeding.." –  Mathew Hall Jan 10 '13 at 0:10
@MathewHall: Right. I removed all the error checks in order to keep the code short. IRL one should of course assume that anything that can go wrong eventually will and check for errors. –  Michael Jan 10 '13 at 7:07
Thanks so much, Ill give this a go :3 –  Red_Hat Jan 10 '13 at 18:02

use this in the terminal like, ./[program name] > destination.txt < source.txt , source being whatever file to copy from.... this will copy byte by byte.. if you don't specify a destination file this program will display the contents of your file to the terminal, ie [program name] < source.txt ...

    SECTION .bss
        fileBuf: resb 1
    SECTION .data
    SECTION .text
        global _start


      read: mov eax, 3 ; sys_read
            mov ebx, 0 ; standard input
            mov ecx, fileBuf
            mov edx, 1
            int 80h
            cmp eax, 0 ; ensure havn't read eof
            je exit

      write:mov eax, 4 ; sys_write
            mov ebx, 1 ; standard output
            mov ecx, fileBuf
            mov edx, 1
            int 80h
            jmp read

     exit: mov eax, 1 ; wrap it up
           mov ebx, 0
           int 80h
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