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I will see if I can explain this well enough for someone to answer or send me down the right path.

Here goes:

I have built several custom controls; forms, textboxes, checkboxes, etc. One of the Controls is a Navigation Bar that contains buttons like: Top, Next, Find, Add, Delete, etc.

On my Form is the Navigation Bar and several other the custom textboxes, checkboxes, comboboxes, etc. Each of these controls have custom code in the OnValidating method.

It appears that the CausesValidation property for the container of the Navigation buttons takes precedence over the CausesValidation property of the buttons within the bar.

So what I really want to do is turn off the CausesValidation of the container and have the controls on the form honor whatever the value of the CausesValidation property is for each of the buttons individually.

When I built the Navigation Bar, its base class was UserControl. I have tried most of the controls that are Containers and I get similar behavior.

So I am not sure if I should pick a different method (other than OnValidating) for each control or if there is some other way to get the validation to occur when the container CasuesValidation = False, but CausesValidation on the button = true

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I resolved the problem.

It turns out the Checkbox OnValidating was firing regardless of whether or not it had focus. I am not sure why and could not find any reason for it either. I removed the code in the OnValidating method and placed it in OnClick and CheckChanged which resolved my issue.

I was able to then change the CausesValidation property for the Container of the Navigation Bar back to false.

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