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I have created a simple multicast player using actinscript 3 which works fine and plays multicast stream well . Although when stream should fail . Or even if I stop Flash Media server it returns success codes : "NetConnection.Connect.Success" ,"NetStream.Connect.Success" and "NetStream.Play.Start" . I cant detect it when multicast stream fails in flash player. I need to switch to unicast stream if multicast fails and I cant detect a failure because of wrong status.

Why I am getting wrong status ?

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Though the code is usually straight forward, it might be helpful to show your code. I've never had issues with getting incorrect status codes. – Sunil D. Jan 16 '13 at 21:09

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I was finally able to figure this out from this link . I now use NetStream.MulticastStream.Reset along with a timeout of 10 seconds .

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