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I want to know the must-have helper classes to make an MVC application as decoupled as possible without being ridiculous. Below I am listing the helper classes available from the NerdDinner.com ASP.net sample application showing off MVC Framework.

  • ControllerHelpers.cs
  • FileNotFoundResult.cs
  • HandleErrorWithELMAHAttribute.cs
  • MobileCapableWebFormViewEngine.cs
  • PaginatedList.cs
  • PhoneValidator.cs
  • UrlHelperExtensions.cs
  • SessionHelper.cs (not in NerdDinner)

Also I usually include a few htmlHelpers, and for sure Interfaces for my datasources, but that is not a helper I guess.


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This is best as a community wiki question. Mainly because it's a subjective question with no definite answer, and secondly because best practices is regarded as the reason for having community wiki in the first place. –  Dan Atkinson Sep 15 '09 at 8:16
Hi Dan: I agree with you . Do you know how to change a question from normal to community link. Thanks. –  Geo Sep 17 '09 at 18:24

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Not necessarily a class, but a library. MvcContrib is a must have IMO.

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