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I want to bind List with 5 properties (columns) and 10 rows of data to a GridView. The examples I found all have an ImageAdapter.

How do you bind object properties from a list to the GridView? What kind of Adapter do I need?

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I dont know if this help you, but when i need a custom control I set all the information inflating a custom axml, if you are used to a WindowsPhone or a Windows 8 application, it's like a User Control

        LinearLayout linearImages = FindViewById<LinearLayout>(Resource.Id.LinearLayoutImages);

        LayoutInflater layoutInflater = (LayoutInflater)LayoutInflater.Context.GetSystemService(Context.LayoutInflaterService);

        foreach (Image image in images)
            var view = layoutInflater.Inflate(Resource.Layout.ImageControl, null);

            TextView txtView = view.FindViewById<TextView>(Resource.Id.textView);
            txtView.Text = image.Title;


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