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In this post the author recommends implementing a Wrapper for the session to ease testing and decoupling the controller code. I will like to obtain ideas on how to implement a good wrapper for this purpose.

I see that in CodeProject there is one sample but it looks way more than what I need.


Ok. Thanks to Joshua I have implement and simple session helper class. I am posting the class here to get your opinion and see if you will add something.

public interface ISessionHelper
    T Get<T>(string key);

public class HttpContextSessionHelper : ISessionHelper
    private readonly HttpContext _context;

    public HttpContextSessionHelper(HttpContext context)
        _context = context;

    public T Get<T>(string key)
        object value = _context.Session[key];

        return value == null ? default(T) : (T)value;

In the controller I have something like this:

    private readonly ISessionHelper _sessionHelper;

    public HomeController(ISessionHelper session)
        _sessionHelper = session;

    public HomeController()
        _sessionHelper = new HttpContextSessionHelper(System.Web.HttpContext.Current);
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How do you "set" a value into session with this wrapper? –  jm. Mar 14 '13 at 15:50

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One of the other answers to that question had a comment with this website that has a good simple wrapper example. The comment was made by murki.

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