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I'm writing a general function to get interpretation of a FuncDecl from a model using Z3's .NET API.

Here is a simplified code fragment:

Model m = s.Model;
foreach (FuncDecl d in m.Decls)
    if (d.DomainSize == 0 && d.Arity == 0)
       Console.WriteLine(d.Name + " -> " + m.ConstInterp(d));
       Console.WriteLine(d.Name + " -> " + m.FuncInterp(d));

However, the code failed on array declarations when it tried to call ConstInterp.

Microsoft.Z3.Z3Exception: Non-zero arity functions and arrays have FunctionInterpretations as a model. Use FuncInterp.

I checked all properties on Model, but it seems there is none which helps creating correct conditions on array declarations.

How can I fix this? And do I miss any other kinds of declaration as well?

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Array constants are an exception in Z3, as they have function interpretations as a model. This is why ConstInterp does not apply and therefore throws an exception. I'm afraid for now the best solution is simply to check the range of the funcdecl, until we get a better solution.

E.g., replace

if (d.DomainSize == 0 && d.Arity == 0)


if (d.DomainSize == 0 && d.Arity == 0 && d.Range.SortKind != Z3_ARRAY_SORT)
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That's not very pretty but it works for now. Thanks. –  pad Jan 10 '13 at 19:09

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