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I have a requirement to

  1. Save a datasource from a database query to memory so i can loop through and update some of the items in memory.
  2. I also need to be able to save the items in memory (from the result of item 1 above) to an xml file on the hard drive.
  3. Finally i need to be able to load the xml file into memory.

Could anyone point me the easiest method of doing this. This is all done in a windows service.

FAItemsUnderControl fItemsUnderControl = new FAItemsUnderControl(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DatabaseConnectionString"]);

//Note the line below is for binding to a gridview which is incorrect in my requirement but illustrates the idea

GridViewItemsUnderControlReport.DataSource = fItemsUnderControl.getItemsUnderControl("systemidtbd", "ALL");
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1. fItemsUnderControl is already in memory, 2 and 3 you can use System.Xml.Serialization – sa_ddam213 Jan 9 '13 at 23:23
i have tried to map the result to a list of objects but its not working. – user1438082 Jan 10 '13 at 20:58
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i had to declare the same list of objects on my service side

// Get items to Control into running memory
                FAItemsUnderControl fItemsUnderControl = new FAItemsUnderControl(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DatabaseConnectionString"]);
                MyGlobals.ListOfItemsToControl = fItemsUnderControl.getItemsUnderControl(MyGlobals.System_ID, "ALL").ToList<Usp_GetListItemsBySystemResult>();
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