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I'm pretty new to MySQL, and I hope i'm getting things right. I've set up a database with 3 tables with columns as below (Primary keys are PK):

Users table

  • uid (PK)
  • username

Directories table

  • uid
  • path
  • project

DirInfo table

  • infoID (PK)
  • size
  • dateofcheck
  • exists
  • pathID

When I insert NULL values to Directories.pathID, I get a new pathID (auto increment). How can I then insert that same pathID to DirInfo.pathID ?

Will I have to run multiple queries to INSERT and SELECT to keep each column in each table up to date, or am I doing things wrong.

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The function LAST_INSERT_ID() returns the last value allocated by an auto-increment column during an INSERT. You can use this subsequently as you insert into a dependent table.

INSERT INTO Directories (pathId) VALUES (NULL); -- auto-increment

Or you can set a MySQL user variable so you can use it repeatedly.

INSERT INTO Directories (pathId) VALUES (NULL); -- auto-increment
SET @pathId := LAST_INSERT_ID();
INSERT INTO DirInfo (pathId) VALUES ( @pathId );
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Thanks for that, seems to have done the trick nicely :D – Mark Sep 15 '09 at 5:12

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